The joint-founder of the anti-racism campaign West Midlands Together has warmly welcomed today's new guidelines for prosecuting hate crime.

Anthea McIntyre MEP praised the guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service and said: "This should leave people in no doubt that hate crime will be confronted wherever and however it presents itself."

Miss McIntyre, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, founded cross-party group West Midlands Together along with her Labour colleague Neena Gill following a sudden increase in racist abuse after the EU referendum last year.

She said: "We are working on ways to tackle the problem of under-reporting of hate crime, and certainly the new hashtag #HateCrimeMatters should help people realise they should not suffer in silence.

"It is also vital that online hate crime is treated as seriously as face-to-face abuse and that the law is brought to bear across social media as well as in society at large."

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