West Midlands MEP Anthea McIntyre has been named a champion of English wine.

The honour was bestowed by the UK Vineyards Association and the role involves encouraging and promoting the production and marketing of English wine.

Miss McIntyre is herself a partner in a recently-planted vineyard in Herefordshire and sits on the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee.

The Conservative MEP said she was delighted to become an English wine champion and looked forward to being a voice in Brussels for the domestic industry.

She plans to promote English and Welsh Wines with the catering departments in Brussels and Strasbourg and hopes to see "our wines" served at events in the European Parliament.

She said: "It is very exciting to see the growth in quantity and especially quality of English and Welsh wine in recent years.

"The next couple of years will be challenging in Brussels. I will do as much as I can to help in the Brexit process to make sure we get a good deal for UK wine producers.

"I hope to keep growers up to date on what is going on and to represent their views and concerns in Brussels, and to our ministers and diplomats who are negotiating the Brexit deal."

Miss McIntyre promised to bring influence to bear on EU rules and regulations so long as possible in areas such as approval of pesticides. She stressed the need to keep plant protection products available to growers especially for minor uses and pledged to continue pressing for scientific, evidence-based policy making in the EU.