Museji Takolia CBE, Chairman of the Wye Valley NHS Trust, was the guest speaker at Herefordshire Conservative Business Forum's breakfast on Friday, chaired by Anthea McIntyre MEP.

With a background in developing social housing, urban regeneration and supporting social care for vulnerable adults, Mr Takolia has served on the boards of the former regulator of the NHS in England (Commission for Health Improvement) and on OFSTED. Born in Coventry, he is a graduate of the universities of Cambridge, Bristol and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs, Princeton (USA). 

Mr Takolia explained that he joined the Trust in June this year and a day later 65 health inspectors from the health regulator, the Care Quality Commission, came to inspect Hereford Hospital. The Trust was found to be “inadequate” and therefore put into special measures. During his interesting and informative talk, he discussed the particular problem Herefordshire has with its above average elderly population.  Bringing the Health Service and social care together would enable the ongoing care of the elderly once they are discharged from hospital.  He also touched on the problems of ‘out of hours’ health care and of young people and excess alcohol.

He also talked of his work with local MP, Jesse Norman, on proposals for ‘Annual Health Statements’, so that people can see what services they have received and understand the related costs. Currently, missed appointments and unnecessary visits to the A&E departments cost the NHS £1billion per year.

Speaking after the breakfast, Miss McIntyre said:

“Everyone was very impressed by Museji Takolia, he really inspired confidence in the audience with his grasp of the complexities of the NHS in Herefordshire and the ever increasing demands we place on it.”


Photo shows Museji Takolia CBE, Chairman of the Wye Valley NHS Trust and Anthea McIntyre MEP at The Pengethley Manor Hotel.